Car Tyre Pressure Sensor Valve Caps (Pack of 4) KoolGadgets

Car Tyre Pressure Sensor Valve Caps (Pack of 4)

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Car Tyre Pressure Monitor Valve Caps help to avoid premature tyre wear or blowouts from under-inflated tires, increases fuel efficiency, safety and control, and extends tyre life. Our Car Tyre Sensor Valves are of premium quality and are use brass inside. By just looking at the these valve caps you will get to know if the tyre pressure is ok or not. These can be also be used on Bikes etc
Sensor Indicators:
  • Normal: Green shows that tire pressure is normal.
  • Yellow: Shows that the pressure is lower about 10 percent than the standard
  • Red: Alerts you that the pressure is lower about 25 percent than the standard
  • Applicable: Car, motorcycle, bicycle etc. Ensure you fit it tightly on the valve.
  • WARNING: When removing a cap. make sure that you do not lose the black washer. They are inclined to fall out and are very difficult to find again. It is advisable to remove them before your car is serviced at a garage.