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Top Gadget gift ideas for men

Looking for something to gift your brother, uncle, father etc. We totally agree that it is really hard to choose a gift for men no matter what is your relation with them. Questions like will he use it or he might already have it, keep striking our head. Don't you worry, because we bring you cool gadget gift ideas for your man.


1. Car Toolkits

We all know that men love their cars. So, it’s going to a nice idea to gift them a car toolkit. This is not only a good gift but it’s going to be very useful gift. Check out some cool car emergency Toolkits :

5 in 1 Car Tyre Guage

9 in 1 Car Tookit


2. Wireless Charging

Is your loved one struggling with charging their phone? Gifting a wireless charging product will upgrade the phone of your loved one. So, it’s a great idea to gift a wireless charging pad.

You can also gift wireless charging receiver along with the wireless charging pad, if the phone of the person you want to gift isn’t wireless enabled.

3. Magnetic Cable for Smartphone

How about gifting a product that will be used everyday? And add convenience to the person. If you agree with this idea, then you can gift a magnetic cable to him and believe us that this will be really liked by the person whom you gift it.

4. Suunto Core Watch

If your guy at home is a traveller or he is planning an expedition and you want to gift him something really helpful, then here you go, Suunto core watch. The watch comes with ABC feature which deciphers to Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. An altimeter to maintain a track of ascent and descent and know your elevation. The barometer helps in knowing the weather conditions according to air pressure, even gives a head-up of the storm. The compass to navigate in the wilderness. Overall an adequate gadget for travel, with elegant design and great durability.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

Reading through a mobile phone may get tedious and irritate your eye and actually poor your vision. Kindle Paperwhite is designed in a way to provide minimal stress on your eyes to give you a better reading experience. An extremely light device and no-glare display, it completely resembles a newspaper. It is easy to use the product with huge storage and customization options for the text are quite handy. Last but the least the device is waterproof, enhancing its usability around home and workplace.

6. Earbuds

Wired headphone and earphone are long gone, upgrade to Truly Wireless Stereo, in other words, earpods or earbuds. Gifting a pair of earbuds will definitely brighten up his day, these Leaf Pro earbuds are reasonable and sophisticated. They can be used in the office for answering calls and are so subtle and light that he will barely feel it's there. While on the other hand using it during sport, the experience is smooth and easy-going. He will surely love them and it's something your guy can brag about in his friend's circle.

7. Portable Projector

This will surely bind your family together as you can watch movies and series together using a portable projector. Add this to your living room to make it a more happening place for him and you to chill together. Surely he will live to watch ball games on it and relax. The incredible fact about this product is that you don't need to plug it with a computer or laptop you can simply connect it with a pen drive or SD card. It has a complete house of ports enhancing connectivity and usability.  

8. Toolkits

Men love multi-functional Toolkits. So you can consider gifting a toolkit

9. SmartWatch / Fitness Bands

Buy a good fitness band or a smartwatch as a gift and he will remember it for a long time.

Apple Smartwatch

M4 Fitness Bands

Realme Band


10. Notebook Stand

Why not gift an item that will make the work life easier by providing comfort during long working hours. These stands can be a good idea to gift


We hope you like our suggestions. Happy Gifting!!