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5 Cool Car Gadgets that make your travel comfortable

Car plays an important role in our day to day life. The Car Gadgets increases the Car functionality as well as it's value. Here are 5 cool car gadgets that will make your car experience even more beautiful.

1. Car Air Purifier

Nowadays, the air pollution is on the rise, especially in a car where the air gets trapped and no ventilation takes place. This is where the Car Gadget called “Car Air Purifier” plays an important key role. It removes smoke, dust and kills harmful viruses & bacteria.

Key Features :

  • Eliminate Odor: Car Air Purifier kills harmful viruses and bacteria by producing fresh and breathable air. Emission of millions of fresh negative ions produced by Ionizer prevents the bad smell in the car and masks the air with pleasant fragrance. It also filters the pollution causing element such as dust, smoke, pollen etc.
  • Dual USB charging Port: Devices like mobile phones, Tablets, iPads can be charged safely against short circuits, surges and other danger. It has dual port that supports charging of two devices simultaneously.
  • Design: It has a shiny and smooth design along with the crystal shaped blue LED light. This blue LED light indicator is to make sure that the Car Air Purifier is working for you while travelling.

    Therefore the issue of car air pollution should be taken seriously as it is related to our health.The above mentioned technique by Car Air Purifier can resolve the issue, and we can inhale fresh air. You can browse the product at KoolGadgets.in.

    2. 9 in 1 Emergency Toolkit

    Emergency Toolkit is one of the most important Car Gadget which is advised to be carried by every car owner. It protects you from the unforeseen events, acting as an element for short term survival.

    9 in 1 Emergency Toolkit is a compact device loaded with 9 features. The elements contained in Toolkit are

    • Seat Belt Cutter : This particular tool is useful at the time when the seat belt gets jammed and you’re trapped in it.
    • Pliers : It is a tool used for holding the objects firmly, developed from tongs.
    • Slotted Screw driver : The flat head of this particular tool is used to apply torque to a Screw in order to drive it out.
    • Cross Screw driver : This tool has two slots which are perpendicular to each other. It is used to drive the Screw from the vehicle.
    • Scissors : It is used to cut thin material such as Wire, metal foil, paper etc.
    • Life Hammer : This emergency hammer is a high quality escape tool, used to break your glass when you’re entrapped in your car after an accident.
    • LED light & Flash light : LED light can be used when you’re working in dark whereas Flash light can be opt for regular use.
    • Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge : It helps to measure the pressure of tyres as it is important to keep the tire pressure at required amount. It reduces tyre wear and extends life of tyre.
    • Durable ABS : The material is made up with high quality durable ABS and Stainless steel material designed light in weight.

    9 in 1 Emergency ToolKit resolve your every problem faced in an Emergency situation and it is very easy to carry as well. You can use this compact device for your regular use also. You can browse the product at KoolGadgets.in.

    3. Tyre Valve Cap

    It seems that Tyre Valve Cap is not essential to own because of its size, but it actually serves a big purpose. Not only the plastic or metallic Tyre Valve Cap makes your tire looks nice but it is designed to protect a Valve Stem into which a valve stem core is threaded, that keeps the air or nitrogen in your tires.

    Key Features :

    • Prevent Leakage: Tyre Valve Cap plays an important role when it comes to leakage of Air. It prevents the air to escape from Valve stem and helps to keep the air inside when it is exposed to dirt and moisture. Even if there is a slight leakage in Valve stem doesn't results in leakage of air due to Tyre Valve Cap.
    • Reliability: During travel or driving our car can face different types of obstacles due to jerks provided by your car, which can results in loosening of Cap, but Tyre Valve Cap is equipped with rubber washer or seal inside which helps it to make air tight seal.
    • Attractive look: The outlook of the Tyre Valve Cap is very attractive so installing them can provide your Tyre a great look.
    • Application: It can be applied in Car, Motor Bikes, Bicycles etc. Ensure the Valve Cap is installed properly. 
    • Extendes Tyre Life: It also extends the life of a tyre by protecting it from air leakage, dirt and moisture while driving.
    • Monitors Air pressure: Valve Cap also provides air pressure monitor. If your tire has Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) then it is even more important to use Tire Valve Cap.

    Therefore, protect your Car Tyre from air leakage as well as from dirt and moisture. If you go to a Car Service Center ensure that the Tire Valve cap is tightened and should be replaced if missing. You can browse the product at KoolGadgets.in.

    4.  Baseus Tab Holder

    When you’re travelling at the backseat of your car, you often face an issue, working on your Tablet, iPad with your hands. This particular car gadget, "Baseus Tab Holder" makes your life easy and allows you to work with flexibility.

    Key Features:

    • Easy Installation: When you begin to mount it on your car, you need to rotate until you hear “creak” sound which means that the installation is successful. Make sure that your tablet is securely fastened with the headrest pole.
    • Flexible: The Tab Holder consists of Rubber liners which prevents the Tablet from shaking or vibration during driving. It is adjustable to 360 degrees.You can adjust it while listening to music and watching movies, reading ebooks, playing games. It is comfy as you don't go through the trouble of holding it in your hands.
    • Compatibility: Baseus Tab Holder is widely compatible with variety of car backseats and also they will not affect your driving, easy to install.It is suitable for Samsung tablets, iPad. iPad mini, also other tablets in inch range.
    • Specification: The maximum thickness of the tablet, the holder can provide is 0.98 inches. The size of the Tab holder is adjustable from 7 inches to 12.9 inches.


     Therefore, enjoy the ride with your favorite playlist, watch your favorite movies, read popular ebooks etc with no more holding Tablets in your hands. This high quality Car Tab Holder will do that for you. You can browse the product at KoolGadgets.in.

    5. Car Hook

    During travel we carry our luggage including Handbags and we prefer our Handbags to be with us. But this can occupy a lot of space which restrain us to sit comfortably. It also rise the situation of spilling everything the handbag contains during driving. To solve this problem Car Hook Gadget comes into rescue.

    Key features:

    • Easy to install: Car Headrest Hooks are very easy to install. It can be installed instantly with in no time.It is installed at the Headrest pole.
    • Highly Functional: It uses the unused space inside your car.You can hang your hand baggage, grocery baggage, fishing tackle etc. 
    • Cheap: It’s really cheap and you don’t even know they are there.

    The problem faced by our Hand baggage can be resolved and anyone can enjoy his journey without worrying about space as well as about spilling bags.It is suitable for variety of cars.You can browse the product at KoolGadgets.in.