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No Longer Bad Smell in your Car

Just because you're in your car doesn't mean you need to settle on bad smell or low air quality in the cabin. Car air purifier is one good way to improve the air quality in your Car and remove toxic fumes / odour.

How does Car Air Purifier work?

Most Car purifiers don't work like the regular Air Purifiers, Air Freshners, and similar products. So, mostly Car Air Purifier is an ionizer, which generate negative ions to clean the air. There are  few also few Car Air purifiers which use HEPA filters, or activated carbon or ozone generators.  Details of these technology is as below :

  1. Negative Ionizer : It generates millions of negatives ions which are clean and healthy for our body.
  2. HEPA filter : It draws the polluted air and filter out fresh and breathable air by removing fine particles like dust, smoke and pollen.
  3. Activated carbon filter : It removes gases and fumes particles present in a car.
  4. Air Freshener : It masks the smell of a car with a pleasant fragrance.
  5. Ozone Generators : These actually generate ozone which destroys the molecular structure of pollutants.

We at KoolGadgets offer Car Air Purifier, which can filter the air of the car through ionizing and kill harmful virus / bacteria and also remove the bad smell.

The key product features of the product are :

  • Killing harmful Viruses and Bacteria
  • Effectively removes Smokes, Dust and PM 2.5 Pollutants
  • Reduce bad Odors
  • Boost metabolism and alleviate fatigue
  • Release 4.8 million negative ions
  • Decompose formaldehyde and benzene

This device not only works as a Car Air purifier but it includes a Dual USB charger, which can be used to keep your smartphone juiced up, while you drive. 

You can buy this multifunctional Car Air Purifier at

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