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Magnetic Cables – Solve your battery discharge problems

Having to charge our phones twice, thrice or more a day is a Reality. I really wish that phone companies can invent a smartphone that can last a full day of charge with heavy use of phone.

I get paranoid if my phone’s reaches 10% of its battery level. I have tried phones with 3000 / 3500 / 5000mAH batteey and yet the problem isn’t solved. With heavy usage of phone, they last at most 10 hours a day. So, fixing a much bigger battery say 10000mAH may not be a solution.

I had to do something to this problem. Initially I tried qi wireless charging. Though it worked well and I used it for last 3-4 years, it has its limitations. Recently I started using magnetic charging and I am using it for last 30 dats. I must say I am really satisfied with this. What I did was to buy 2 magnetic cables. I have kept one at home and one at office. When ever I don’t need phone in hand I just attach the magnetic cable to phone and now I find that smartphone is always above 40% battery level.

One may think what is so great about magnetic charging. My answer to that is .. “Use it and you will know”. Magnetic charging brings ease to the whole process. It’s as easy as Wireless Charging and it works all times (unlike wireless charging which has compatibility issues or positional issues).

If you want to solve your battery issues, I recommend the magnetic cables for you. You can buy these cables from our store