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How to watch smartphones photos and videos on television?

There have been times when we want to show our smartphone pics and video with our friends and family but we realize that doing so on mobile is difficult especially when the gathering of people is large. So the first thing that comes in our mind is let’s connect it with the television. Moreover watching something on a big screen is much better than watching it on the phone or tab. So, find below some easy ways to connect your device to your television.

We have divided it into 3 parts: Wire, Wireless (only for SmartTV’s), and Casting devices.

✅ To connect with wire

There are multiple ways you can connect. Simply,

(a) You can connect your device to any TV that has an HDMI port or

(b) You can use an HDMI Adapter that connects to your phone and use an HDMI to HDMI Cable to connect with the HDMI Port on your TV or

(c) If your TV does not have an HDMI port, you can use a TV HDMI adapter connected with the USB port of the TV, and a cable to connect between your smartphone and the HDMI Adapter.

For Connection using (a) or (c), All you need is a cable that has one side pin same as your charging pin i.e. USB C or Micro USB, and on the other hand, it should have HDMI Pin to connect to HDMI port / TV HDMI Adapter. But hey, Is it that simple?

Unfortunately No! You need to consider the following:

⚡Which Charging Pin does your phone have? Does your Smartphone support MHL / HDMI out (HDMI ALT mode)?

If it's a Micro Usb Pin based Smartphone, then you need to have a phone that supports MHL (most important) and then you need a Micro Usb Pin to HDMI MHL cable. Most of recent micro usb Pin supporting Android Phones support MHL, and thus you can directly use the MHL Cable between the smartphone and TV.

However, if you use Type C based smartphones, your phone needs to support HDMI ALT mode. You may find that many of them (particularly low to mid-level smartphones)  don't support HDMI ALT Mode and unfortunately, you cant connect directly using a wire. Type C based smartphones and devices that support HDMI ALT mode (ie., HDMI out) and hence can be directly connected with Wire to the TV are Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8, Macbook Pro 2018 / 2017 / 2016, MacBook Air 2018, MacBook 2017 / 2016 / 2015 among others.

In case you want to connect your other devices (that don't have VGA or HDMI port) like some Laptop / Mac to TV, you can also consider using a Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter, and then use an HDMI cable to connect to the TV. 

We hope the above would have clarified which cable or adapter you need. Depending upon what you need, we have curated a few cables/adapters that you can choose from.

Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter

✔ MHL Cable

Type C to HDMI Cable

✔ Mini Display Port (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter


Is it an Apple Phone?

If you have an Apple Phone, you require a Lightning to HDMI Adapter or a Lightning to HDMI Cable. You can also use the older format Lightning to VGA Connector as well. Some of these may have requirement for the latest iOS on your device. Do check that before buying. Some of the popular ones are listed below.

 Lightning to HDMI Adapter

  Lightning to VGA Adapter

 Lightning to HDMI cable

 Once you have successfully connected your device now either give access to share media over the connection or switch on the screen mirroring from your device. You can download any screen mirroring app if the feature is not available on your device. 


✅ To connect wirelessly with Smart TV

For all those who have SmartTV, it is very easy to connect your device with it. Make sure your SmartTV and smartphone are connected to the same WIFI. Then, all you need to do is change the input mode of your SmartTV to screen mirroring and on your smartphone turn on Screen mirroring. Select your SmartTV on your device and you are done. If you cant see the Screen Mirroring option, users can use any DLNA app like BubbleUPnP, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. Many smartphones also come with pre-loaded DLNA apps. 

Once you have the BubbleUPnP or any other DLNA app loaded on your smartphone, you will be presented with a screen option with four menus at the bottom - Now Playing, Playlist, Library & Devices. Before you select a file, you need to select the device that you are interested to stream to. You can access the Device list by clicking on Devices option and select your TV from the list of renderers. Once you select the TV option, you need to select the content on your phone that you want to play on TV. Once you select the file you want to play on TV, the app will start streaming it to your TV.

Do note that some Smart TVs can connect to Smartphones directly through WIFI Direct and do not even need a router as a medium to stream media files from a smartphone. To do this, you need to have a smart TV and a smartphone that supports Miracast protocol. This technology is great for use in your living room etc (short distances). 



✅ Casting Devices

A casting device is a compact gadget that will help you connect your device to your TV wirelessly. Connect the casting device to your TV with a wire that comes along the casting device. Connect your device with the casting device through WIFI or Bluetooth and then cast your phone. Cast screen option is available in most of the smartphones these days and is easily found in the setting. Some of the casting devices are :

Google Chromecast

Apple TV 4K

Amazon Fire TV

There are many casting devices available online. You can also consider following 3rd party wireless casting devices to meet your needs :

Wireless Display Dongle from CubeTek

Generic Wireless Display Display at low price


Hope this article has explained to you the different ways to get your smartphone connected to your TV. Happy Surfing!!