How to Use Kool Club and Enjoy its Benefits KoolGadgets

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How to Use Kool Club and Enjoy its Benefits

Online shopping is a hot trend in the modern world. People love to buy from the comfort of their homes and receive what they want at the doorstep. But with online shopping, what if you get something extra without paying a penny. That would surely be an enjoyable experience for all of you.

You can experience it at our online shopping store (KoolGadgets). We have a reward program for you by the name of Kool Club. You can get exciting discounts up to Rs 500 and many gifts like power bank, Bluetooth adapter etc for free. Yes! You read that right.

For this, you need to become part of the Kool Club. We will explain how to become its member and enjoy its benefits in a simple three step process.

Start using Kool Club:

The members of Kool Club will get free gifts, discounts on shopping, and more. To grab this opportunity just follow the following steps;

First Step:

First, you need to create an account by filling a form on the website as shown below. It’s a simple form you need to fill in your first name, last name, email, and password to get started.

Finally click the create button to move ahead.

kool club account

Click here to create your own account.


Second Step:

Next, you have to collect Kool points which will be used later to receive gifts and catch discounts. There are different ways to collect Kool points, all the methods are shown in the figure below.

There are some easy ways to accumulate Kool points as upon sign up, 150 points will directly hit your account. If you visit our KoolGadgets  website you will get 5 points each day. Similarly placing an order and following us on social media can earn you more Kool points.

kool club points

Using Referrals:

You can also use referrals for your benefit, just invite a friend to join the Kool club. You will get 1 point for every ₹5 to spend by your friend, while your friend will get 10% off on their order.

Therefore, don’t miss this win-win opportunity.



Last Step:

Now you can use these points to receive gifts and get discounts on your online shopping from our store. Use the accumulated Kool points to avail of discounts and grab useful gifts.

On 1000 Kool points you will get a discount of Rs 50. On the other hand, you can earn a power bank, Car Bluetooth adapter, and more gifts utilizing your Kool points.

gifts and discounts

So, what you’re waiting for! Create your account on Kool Club, become its member now and start receiving these benefits from our online shopping store.