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Do you know why you should use a Reversible cable for your android phone?

A typical conversation :

Her : My phone isn't charging. Pls check what's wrong 😭
Him : ok
Him : Looks like your phone charging pin is damaged.

Her : What? How did it happen? 😛
Him : May be you pushed up the cable in wrong direction and the pin got damaged.
Her : May be it happened when I was in hurry. Now what do I do? How do I ensure that I don't face similar problem in future.
Him : 😀 It's simple 😀 Just use a reversible micro pin Android cable. It works in either direction and you don't need to worry about direction of cable.

Her : Wow. I wish I had it earlier. Where do I get the cable from?
Him : 🌞 You can buy the reversible cable from
Him : What's more the cable is available at discount. Buy now and never get damaged charging pin on your Android phone.