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Buying a true wireless earphone for good music experience

All of us want to listen to music at some point in the day or the week. Though one can find cheap wired earphones its time one upgraded to a wireless earphone.

Today, I am sharing with you our new product: i12 True Wireless Earphone. We have tested it extensively and like the product. Here we are sharing our experience.

Why did we like it

- Very light. So, it's convenient to carry in your pocket or bag

- Auto Sync feature. These wireless earphones are very easy to sync with your smartphones.

- Decent battery life. We got about 1.5 - 2.5 music hours on a single charge. With the included dock, you can charge the earphone on the go and get a very long battery life

- Dual Earphone. You can talk with both Earphones during a voice call. 

- Touch Control. With an easy touch, you get full control on your music experience directly from the earphone without touching your smartphone/music player.

At the current discounted price of just Rs 799, it is a super steal.