5 Best Affordable Smartwatches to buy in 2020 KoolGadgets

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5 Best Affordable Smartwatches to buy in 2020

Smart Watch can really be a good gadget to own.

The smart watches in today’s world are not only for receiving notifications. They allow you to track your daily activities, monitor your fitness and listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. The smart watches can serve as life savior with many health features, that can be useful to monitor your fitness and health. Most of us avoid buying a smartwatch because many branded ones are very costly and out of reach for many shoppers.
However, many of us don't know that there are many smartwatches that are affordable and offer great features. To wear some of the best smart watches on your wrist, you probably need a little bit of guidance, and here we are to help you make the right decision.


1. A1 Smart watch

This is a Bluetooth, with smooth touch screen smart watch. It can function as a phone for calling, call record and hands-free phone call. The phone calls will shake in ringing and have good sound quality. You can also send and receive messages to your loved ones. For entertainment you can utilize MP3 and MP4 players. 

For the primary function of the smart watch, 3 sets of clock displays are available. A camera remote is present to record fascinating scenes backed by one day long battery.


2. W34 / W34+ Smart watch

The W34 & W34+ smart watch are health tracking smart watches and supports step counter, heart rate, and ECG, among other features. You will be notified through SMS, Whatsapp, Wechat using Bluetooth. All the record of the calorie consumption, exercise mileage and sports will be recorded and a sedentary remainder will be provided to switch the unhealthy lifestyle. 

You can also record your sleep, play music and use call reminder. Other features are Alarm clock, calendar, and stopwatch.

W34+ smartwatch has a full OLED touch screen and is a good option to consider buying as it has better screen and also offers temperature tracking and BP Monitor


3. K8 Smart watch

K8 smart watch is a full feature smartwatch with a working crown button. It features a large 1.78 in screen and features magnetic charging. It has many health related features like Hear rate / Temp Monitoring among other features like pedometer, sleep monitoring etc. It uses bluetooth for notification push to your watch once phone app is connected. 


4. Dz09 Smart watch

This Bluetooth smart watch is an entry level model that has a modern design and water resistance capability. You can read or reply to text messages, make or receive calls after inserting a SIM card into the smart watch. Use Bluetooth to connect it with your phone and install the BTNotification app to read messages from Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook. 

It features Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind, Sound recorder (SD card needed), Alarm clock, Calendar, Camera (0.3M). The smart watch also has Multi Language support.


5. T500 Smart watch

This smart watch come up with features like 12 stylish call dials, SMS messages, and receiving notifications of Facebook, Twitter (install 2M wear app). Pedometer will track your daily steps, sleep monitor will keep check on your sleep and sedentary remind is present in case of unhealthy lifestyle. This will help you develop better living habits. You can also play music and take some shots on the installed camera. The battery provides 48 hours of usage on average. It is waterproof and dustproof.


We made the list of best affordable watches to assist you in decision making. If you want a full featured smartwatch at affordable price, we highly recommend K8 smart watch or W34+ smartwatch.

You can select any of the above smart watch that meet your requirement.