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YouTube Launches 'Video Builder' for Small Businesses

What if you want to produce an advertisement to your YouTube Customer or you want to create a simple and low-cost video for your Business who needs to update their messaging to customers quickly and easily? YouTube resolved this problem by introducing a tool called YouTube Video Builder. With this tool, whether through an advertising campaign, website or email one can connect with their customers and keep them informed. 

YouTube Video Builder enables you to create it's own video based on still images, existing video assets, templates, and even stock music clips to finish. An individual can create video clips of 6 seconds or 15 seconds in length. One can only share the video, save the video to their channel, or use it for campaign. There is no option to download the video and use it for other purpose.

In Order to access YouTube Video Builder an individual should have a Google Account that can be used to login to YouTube. Further, during use you can Select Layout, Color & Logo, Image & Text, Pick a Font, Select Music, Preview, Save, Share & Create campaign.

In the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube is ensuring to make it every way possible to increase attention on digital video. Therefore, YouTube Video Builder is accessible to every businesses in order to help in the creation of more effective promotion.