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Xiaomi launches Mi TWS 2 earbuds in India

Xiaomi launches three new product in India and one of them is Mi true wireless earphones 2. They look similar to the Air Pods but a bit thicker from the sides and also they are comparatively shorter in size as well. Apart from that the design is very similar and you also have the infrared sensor on the ear buds which will detect it fits on your ear or not.

The size of the charging case is also very similar to the Air Pods and seems to be perfect. For charging you need to insert the earbuds in the case and with the case you can charge the ear buds from 3 to 4 times. There is a LED button on the case and a sparing button on the side and at the bottom of the case we have a Type C charging port.

In terms of usage pairing them is simple, you need to press and hold the side button on the case resulting LED light blinking which allows you to pair it with your phone. And also you don't have to pair the earbuds manually in future, they will auto connect or disconnect when you take them out or insert them back in the case.

As soon as you insert the earbud in your ear you will hear a beep sound and when you take any of the earbud out of the ear it will pause the music or video and resumes the music or video again when you insert the earbuds back in your ear.

Xiaomi Mi TWS 2 comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 support which ensures better connectivity and the sound quality is terrific. It also supports environmental noise reduction. The navigation in the earbuds is touch based and when you double tap on the right earbud it will pause or play the track and the double tap on the left ear bud will allow you to use Google Assistant.

The battery capacity is up to 4 hours of usage in one single charge and with the case you can charge them for approximately 4 more times. The expected date of the launch appears to be on 12 May 2020 and the device is priced at Rs. 4,499.