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WhatsApp adds payment option

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Social Media Platform, where we enjoy chatting, audio calling, video calling and many more features. Now, WhatsApp has introduced another new exciting features which enables the users to send money or make payment on their purchase. Starting in Brazil, WhatsApp users can pay on purchases or send money without leaving the App.

The Payment will be done through Facebook Pay, which tells us that one can use the same information saved on Facebook, during purchase of local merchants. An Individual can send or receive money through Facebook Messenger.

The App is compatible with Visa or Mastercard namely Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi. The transaction will require either six digit pin or a fingerprint scan. There are no fees charged on sending money or making any kind of purchase, for a regular user. 

Facebook has been working to add payment options since 2017. In 2018, the company has tested the feature in India also, WhatsApp's widely spread market. The fact that user suffers from making payment is because of the long time span taken by the company to develop features like Facebook Pay. Now that the Facebook Pay is official, we hope that it will soon hit the market globally.