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Twitter introduces reminder functionality

Twitter is the best place to know current status quo. It is a platform where we get the news about existing state of affairs. Often we faces problem based on the article during retweet but this new functionality developed by Twitter, actually reminds you to read the article before sharing it.

Although it is not clear when the feature will be available but Twitter posted a tweet on its support account that the functionality is already in testing which indicates that it is available for specific users before it goes to a wider audience.

The main objective of this feature is to prevent the misleading information or partial information shared over the Twitter. It can be caused due to not reading the article before sharing it. It is actually commendable that Twitter is up for resolving this existing issue.

It is still unclear that what the notification alert will look like but according to the sources, there will be warning style prompt if you do not click the articles link. It is also unclear that whether the feature will work or not, in the presence of images and videos in a Tweet or whether it applicable to all the links or not? We hope to get all our answers soon, by the company.