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Twitter apologizes over it's Voice Note feature

Recently, Twitter has introduced a new feature called Voice Note. The company said that the Voice Note feature will add a more human touch and convey the desired tone against the Tweet. The feature allows the user to add an audio clip including one's own voice, along with the text messages.

However, this feature has been criticized a lot on the platform. The issue is raised because of the absence of closed captioning in the Voice Note feature. As per the Company, the goal was to improve the accessibility of the Twitter with the upcoming feature. But the absence of closed captioning indicates that the feature is only available for the person with listening ability which contradicts the very goal of the company.

The Criticism escalated even more when a Twitter engineer pointed out that the team working behind this new feature was the "Volunteers". The Company didn't have a formal team for accessibility work.

Numerous Employees along with the product designer apologized for this misstep. Twitter's Head of Design and Research also ensured that accessibility would play a bigger role in coming projects. In addition, the company added, through updates the voice note will be more accessible to the people with disabilities.

Hopefully, In future, Twitter will take these matters seriously and improve the approach towards accessibility to solve it.