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Redmi launches AirDots S with upgraded features

Redmi announces a brand new TWS earphone, called Redmi AirDots S. It is the successor of AirDots, launched last year. Redmi hasn't improved it's design or it's color. AirDots S appears to have same design matching with previous AirDots as well as same visual color which is plain matte black. But Redmi has developed some exciting features in AirDots S.

Generally in TWS earbuds, company uses master-slave connection for pairing. Firstly right ear bud connects to your phone and then left earbud connects to the right earbud. Sometime it causes lack in connection.

AirDots S provides better pairing technique. It does not uses master-slave connection. Both the earbuds gets connected to the phone which overcomes the connection loss. AirDots S uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip for faster and stable connection offering better sound transmission. It supports Voice assistant which gets activated by double tapping on earbud button. There is also a new low-latency Game mode. You can also use AirDots S in mono sound output mode. In mono-mode the earphone is divided into two parts acting as two separate receivers. The earphones are IPX4 rated for water resistance.

The rest of the specs are same as last year incuding 7.2 mm drivers and a DSP for noise reduction. Battery duration of usage is 4 hours and can be extended to 12 hours with the charging case.

Redmi has added the AirDots S on its official page but it is not live yet. Though the product is rapidly selling in china it will soon be available internationally.