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Oukitel launches an infrared night vision camera phone

Smartphone manufacturers are scrambling for new features now and then. So, now we have  Oukitel, a Chinese brand launching a new kind of feature in their new phone - infrared night vision camera that will take night photography to next level

Their new phone, Oukitel WP7 is a rugged smartphone and uses Helios P90 chipset and has amazing night vision camera. 

The phone also has other amazing features:

⚡Anti glare torch

⚡UV sterlisation to kill micro organisms 

⚡Triple Sensor Camera setup

⚡Rear side fingerprint sensor

⚡Button customisation for favourite app

The retail price of the phone is $449.99 (about INR 35,000). We don't think this phone will land in India but it seems to have a new feature which is still unknown in other phones.