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OnePlus launches OnePlus scout for Indian users

OnePlus has launched a new feature in India known as OnePlus Scout. This new feature allows the users to search for anything from a single search bar. OnePlus Scout will come with a new version of OnePlus Laucher.

The feature is available in version 4.7.2_200818175549 of the new version of OnePlus launcher App. A user needs to the update it's smartphone to avail this feature. 

After updating the device, an individual will be greeted with set up menu along with the authorization of a user contacts, storage and location. OnePlus also allows you to customize some the features in it's new update.

OnePlus Scout allows you to search a number of varieties such as

  • Files
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Restaurants
  • Public spots
  • News
  • Weather Update etc.
There is a provision of Web Search and Device Search in this new feature along with the presence of toggle for enabling search tips. OnePlus Scout is a nice feature and we hope that OnePlus will launch this feature globally soon.