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'LG Velvet' launched, a new era of Smartphone line

Today’s smartphones are becoming more and more difficult to differentiate by technical specification alone. LG has answered this problem by proposing a road map to the future which emphasizes Design over Specs. LG has released the teaser video of LG Velvet. This 35 second video tells us about the priority of Design over Specs. The name ‘Velvet’ indicates the slim nature, lustrous smoothness and premium softness which are the key characteristics of the phone.

LG Velvet have camera like a rainbow drop based on rainbow design. It is an upper mid range 5G phone and has a nice slick design. The device has a symmetrical design which is pleasing to eye and also pleasing to touch. Apart from this LG uses the old Snapdragon 765 processor which is quite surprising. It also has a 3D arc design which curves the glasses from both the sides. However there is not any kind of further disclosure in specification and also there is no information about the launch date.

The Company further added that in future the name of the smartphones will depend upon its Design and Specs. Today the name of the smartphones is decided by Alphanumerical designation instead of more familiar and expressive name which can help the customer to capture the essence of the device.