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Instagram live Stream now supports Web

Instagram is among the most popular Social App today, built for sharing images and videos and Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram stories that allows users to stream video to followers in real time. 

As many of us would know, When a user is streaming a video from a smartphone, the comments can obstruct the view, making it difficult to pay attention to both video and chat at the same time. Based on popular demand, Instagram has now added the support to watch this live content from the web, where you can watch your favorite celebrities from your laptop on its bigger screen. 

Live Streaming consists of comments scrolling up through a transparent window at the bottom of the video. By adding this web interface, you won't see the comments popping up from the bottom, instead Instagram has added a small scrolling comment window on the top right corner side of the Screen, making your viewing experience unobstructed. You can Add a comment, Delete a comment which enables you to send direct messages to the web.

Comment section window will also contain the emoji keyboard and option to upload and  remove photos and videos. The resolution of the video will remain same and with the increase of the number of users the display resolution will not get affected.

To start using this new feature, go to Tap or Click on the profile picture that appears at the top of Feed with colorful ring to watch the Live video.

We are sure many users will be very happy to see this feature. 


Source : Instagram