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LEARN: How to use Google Maps Offline Mode on Android and iOS

Google Maps is one of the most reliable source when it comes to Navigation. To use Google Maps, it requires stable internet connection, to run the App smoothly. The lack of internet connection can lead an individual often in wrong direction. In India we constantly face an interference in our Internet connection such as lagging, bandwidth issues etc.

To overcome such problems the solution is Google Maps Offline Mode. So, If you are planning a road trip or travelling into different city, you can use the Google Maps offline feature. This feature enables an individual to download the complete route of the destined place in order to use it in the absence of Internet connection. To download the route one must be connected to the Internet.

Here is the instruction to download the complete route using the Google Maps.
  • Install the Google Maps from Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the Google Maps
  • Search your desire destination
  • At the bottom, click on Address or name then click more
  •  Select the Download Option for Offline Mode

Hopefully, you will find the above information useful and plan your trip more frequently without any trouble.

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