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Google Meet is now free for Video Conferencing to everyone

Hola! Google has decided to open up Google Meet, which is Google's premier video conferencing package, for everyone including regular Gmail users. Earlier, only people having G Suite Accounts has access to Google Meet.

Google Meet has also has a web-based design which means users don't have to download or install anything. In order to access Google Meet one needs to open their Gmail Account and click on the three lines popped in the right corner. After clicking, the user will have to select the Google Meet option to join the meeting. There is also an option in Google Meet to schedule the meetings according to one's Calendar.

Google Meet features a chat box in the top right corner and at the bottom left corner, there is an option called 'Turn on captions' which is pretty cool. The captions also automatically add punctuation during the chat. At the bottom right corner, there is an option button which includes Change the Layout, Full Screen, Turn off captions, and Settings.

Further, there is a present option that allows the user to share their data during video chat. Therefore, it can be used for teaching purposes, sharing the presentation for Business purposes, and many more.

Clearly, Google meet is hoping to take advantage of the distrust that people have for Zoom security, and cash upon the video chatting needs of users.