Facebook to provide additional security on Messenger KoolGadgets

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Facebook to provide additional security on Messenger

Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking Platform, where anyone can communicate with others on different levels. Facebook Messenger App provides feature like chatting, video calling, audio calling and many more. But it is also necessary for a user to protect it's information and private messages from others.

Recently, Facebook is working on it's Facebook Messenger app to provide an additional security in order to protect the information from others. The company is testing a new feature where the user will need to authenticate their identity using Face ID, Touch ID or Pass code before they can access their chat inbox.

The feature is similar to anyone's device security settings where a user unlock their phone. Similarly, the user need to unlock the device once again before opening the Messenger App. In addition, an individual can also set a designated period of time span to re-authenticate their identity.

The testing is being done among a small number of Messenger's iOS users before making it available more widely, including on Android. Facebook is working on the security issue for quite some time which includes encrypted messaging feature, Secret conversations and hopefully an end to end encryption. It is more likely that the plan of these security parameters is still years away to achieve.