Facebook to launch 'Quiet Mode' to beat Social Media Addiction KoolGadgets

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Facebook to launch 'Quiet Mode' to beat Social Media Addiction

Facebook has announced the introduction of a new "Quiet Mode" feature on its App.This feature permits you to mute most push notification from App.

With the feature, you can organise when you want Facebook to be available and when you want the app to be "quiet." If you try to open the app while in Quiet mode, you will be notified that you choose this time to set aside to limit your time.

Apart from the initiation of Quiet mode, Facebook also ensures the detailed usage statistics available. You can see the details of two weeks Period along with the time spent during the Day and at Night.

Facebook is promoting this new feature as a mental health resource for those who may be wrestling to manage with the quarantine during corona pandemic.The company also announced that it's making a $2 million donation to crisis helplines around the world.

We can expect the feature to be available for all iOS users by May with a full Android rollout expected by June.

Source  Facebook