Apple may launch iPhone 12 model in 4G and 5G variants KoolGadgets

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Apple may launch iPhone 12 model in 4G and 5G variants

A new rumor has come up, according the which, Apple may launch six iPhone 12 models in 2020, where 3 models will have 4G technology and other three will consists 5G technology.

As per the reports, the 4G models of iPhone 12 price range, will vary from 529 US Dollars to 649 US Dollars. The display of the 4G models may come in LCD.

Most likely, some of the variant will be named as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and  iPhone 12 Max. The names of the other three models are still unknown.

Since every other competitors is working on increasing the bandwidth of the device, Apple approach is quite surprising for everyone, to go with 4G.

But, if Apple decides to go with six models of iPhone 12 in 2020, it will reflect a great deal on the market, as it will provide a wide range of variety for the customers. 

Ranging from 549 Dollars, customers are open to choose their option when it comes to features. If a customer is interested in an upcoming feature such as LiDAR depth sensor technology with 120 Hz refresh rate, they can even go in the range of 1000 US Dollars.