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Apple working on 'Clip' feature to access Apps without Installation

Apple is trying to bring new functionality to its iOS. There are reports that suggest that Apple will offer a new functionality "Clips" in iOS14. With this feature, users will be able to access some parts of apps without using the installation process.The user can go through this feature by Scanning a QR code.

Normally, if you scan the QR code from an App which is not installed on your iPhone or iPad device, it will open that link in Safari. But this would not be the situation in the near future with a new API internally also known as "Clips" in iOS 14 Code.This new Clips API enable us to access interactive and dynamic content, even if you haven't installed the App.

Clips API is directly related to QR code reader.The user can scan the code which is further linked to an App and then can interact with it directly from a card that will appear on the screen. Suppose you get a QR code with a link to a video from YouTube but you don't have Official app installed on your phone. With iOS 14 and Clips API you can scan the QR code and the code will appear on a card.

Apple is testing this new feature with OpenTable,Yelp, DoorDash, Sony and YouTube.

Source 9to5Mac