Apple and Google form a COVID–19 alliance for contact tracing KoolGadgets

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Apple and Google form a COVID–19 alliance for contact tracing

The two companies, Apple and Google have confirmed their surprising collaboration against the spread of COVID-19. Both the companies will work on tracing of the person who came in contact with the virus. As the virus can be spread in an individual through close contact therefore, contact tracing will involve bluetooth technology for both Android as well as iOS users.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) and Operating system-level technology will be used in the Apps for contact tracing. The person's phone will exchange an anonymous identifiers, when the two person will come in a close range. If an individual is detected with COVID-19, their phone will transmit a list of persons an individual came in contact with, to the Cloud.

However, another individual can download the list of persons tested positive with COVID-19 in their area. If an individual matches with the list, he will be notified to contact near health facilities.

The idea of contact tracing  has been discussed before, but it will require too much access to our phones which can be an issue and debatable. The App will be available and can be downloaded through Google Play and Play Store in May 2020.


Source : Apple