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Top 5 VPNs in India

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is now used by many people across the globe and it was actually invented to connect business networks on the internet so that a person can access a business network from home. Therefore the essence of VPN is security, it is used to give fully secure remote access to people around the world to a server. Not only that, today VPN is used by many users to keep their internet activity private when using public wifi. With the spread to Netflix and other content, many users use VPN to bye-pass the geographic censorship/content rights issues. 

Is VPN legal in India?

Simply the answer is NO.

Using a VPN in India is not banned by Government / any law.  However, using a VPN for an illegal or prohibited activity will attract legal problems. So, you can use a VPN but we recommend using it responsibly. Do not gain access to something that is morally or legally incorrect.

Benefits of VPN

  • Remote access to your business or home network while traveling.
  • Hiding browsing activity from your ISP
  • Bypass geographic restrictions and internet censorship.
  • Torrenting, prevents you to get logged on torrent sites.
  • Be anonymous, hide location.
  • Avoid Government filtering.

Top 5 VPN in India 2020

It is always good to choose the right VPN, one that fulfills your needs because some of them are pretty expensive. Below we have listed the top 5 VPN service providers in India. The list is compiled based on the following factors - Speed, Availability, Anonymity & Security, Customer Service & User Experience.

1. Nord VPN: It is rated the best VPN service provider in India as well as on the international level, multiple times. It follows a strict ‘No logs’ policy hence keeping you anonymous throughout your browsing period. It performs amazingly good unblocking Geo-restricted content.


+ Excellent speed & no restrictions

+ Over 5000 servers deployed, so provides deep coverage                       

+ Offers Automatic Killer Switch which prevents your data from leaking

+ No logs policy

+ 6 Device protection

+ Powerful encryption (OpenVPN + AES256)

+ Better anonymity by offering Onion over VPN


- OpenVPN configuration isn't user friendly

- Some users have reported slow server setup connection

- Some users have reported poor customer support

2. IPVanish: It is the only app that operates all of its server locations (Usually VPN providers rent the server). Therefore, the app has complete control of the data passing through it which minimises the risk. It does not store any metadata or traffic logs meaning user activity is safeguarded and secure.


+ No logs policy & no IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks                                     

+ Easy setup                               

+ Unlimited P2P

+ Great for 4K streaming


- Based in the privacy-unfriendly USA

- Does not unlock BBC iPlayer / Disney

- No Browser extensions

3. Surfshark: It is the newest in the game and has around 800+ servers across the world. Based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), it has no known data retention laws to speak of and has its own separate judiciary system. This makes it an ideal place for many VPN companies as it makes it easy to provide anonymity.


+ Consistent speed   

+ Good Pricing options

+ Can unlock all major streaming content / Torrents                                 

+ Highly secure     

+ Easy one tap to connect - no login or password required                     

+ Multi Hop network for extra layer of protection

+ No logging / no DNS leaks


- May get poor speed on torrents

4. CyberGhost: CyberGhost has 511 servers in 30 different locations, giving you some flexibility in choosing your server based on your usage needs. It keeps logs of overall data but not of your personal data, for quality check. Sometime the speed may flicker.


+ Excellent Speed

+ Offers Ad blocking                                          

+ Moderately secure

+ Support data compression

+ Kill switch on all apps


- Anonymity can be an issue

5. PureVPN: It is one of the largest VPN services because of its gigantic user base and a plethora of server locations spread across the world. It uses 128-bit encryption, but still secure. It keeps a record of the time a user spends on VPN and the IP address used.


+ Good streaming speed                             

+ Fairly secure                                              

+ Kill switch and stores no user data

+ Easy to use

+ Allows 5 devices


- Slower Connectivity

- Higher cost

You must be thinking, all of these look good, so which one to choose. Each of you needs to take into account your requirement, be it better anonymity or security, or availability of Netflix / torrents or something else. Or some may want to decide only on the basis of price (which normally changes based on offers from time to time for each of them). 

We would recommend you to not to consider price as a consideration but purely go for the VPN that meets your criteria related to availability, speed, anonymity, security, etc.  

Happy VPN'ing!!!