Facebook to add music videos in News Feed Section KoolGadgets

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Facebook to add music videos in News Feed Section

After an introduction of reels in Instagram, the company is now working to add the music videos feature in News feed and watch sections of Facebook.

Now the music videos will appear in News feed section and Facebook is also officially adding a music videos section in Facebook Watch where anyone can search the videos by Artist, Genre or mood.

According to the company, they are working with the partners in India and Thailand to build the foundation for the music videos, which we can witness in coming weeks.

Earlier rumor suggested that Facebook is negotiating music videos rights but now with the support of Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Groups and others, music videos will be available all over U.S and soon globally.

The Company says that this new development will provide a platform for the fans and the artist to interact socially building unique social experience.

With so many cancelled tours and festivals due to this pandemic, now artists can interact with the audience through this music videos. The report suggests that we can expect music video premiers from Karol G, J.Balvin, Sebastian Yatra and many more in coming weeks.