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Aarogya Setu App to help fight Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world like a Storm and its spreading at even more faster rate. The number of confirmed cases has increased to 16,96,139 in the world and still counting. Every country’s government has taken some precautions to prevent the spread and come up with Social Distancing technique. Indian government has also introduced an app called “Aarogya Setu app” to minimize the rate of spread.

Aarogya Setu is a mobile app designed to enable users who have come in contact with other users. It informs that, an individual has crossed path with someone who has tested COVID-19 positive. You will be alerted even if you have come in close proximity unknowingly.

When the App is installed on your device, it detects when your device comes within Bluetooth/GPS range of any other registered user’s device and starts a protocol by which all personal information of the individual is collected and securely store in your device. If you found out to be positive for COVID-19, the Government of India will contact all the users you came in contact with for the past 30 days. In the same way you will also be notified, if you came in contact with the person, tested positive for COVID-19 within 30 days.

Here are Simple Steps an individual need to follow in order to use Aarogya Setu App :

  1. Install the app from Play Store
  2. Switch on Bluetooth & Location
  3. Set Location sharing to ‘Always’

After installing the App you’ll face some basic questions. After answering the questions, App asks for a Self Assessment Test, which is advisable to take it. Self Assessment Test is to ensure that the user is not infected as well as free from symptoms. It’s questions includes:

  • What is your Gender?
  • What is your Age?
  • Are you experiencing any symptoms?
  • Have you ever had any past illness?
  • Have you traveled recently?

After Self Assessment Test, App will provide you the guidelines on how to maintain social distancing and what to do in case you develop symptoms that may need help and support. The guidelines are:

  1. Say ‘Hi’ without handshakes.
  2. Avoid Participating in large gatherings.
  3. Practice frequent hand washing. Wash hand with Soap and water or use alcohol based hand rub. Wash hands even if they are visible clean.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while coughing and sneezing.
  5. Throw used tissue in close bins immediately after use.
  6. Don’t spit in public.
  7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  8. Consult a doctor if you are not feeling unwell (if you have symptoms like fever, difficulty in breathing and cough). When you go to see a doctor do wear a mask /cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
  9. If you have these signs/symptoms call State helpline number 

 Above mentioned guideline has to be followed so that you'll remain safe and healthy.Therefore, Aarogya Setu App can help you to protect yourself, your family and friends, and help our country in effort to fight COVID-19.

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